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Now even as recommendation by the top- travel guide DuMont Direkt Halkidiki 1st edition.

Richard David Precht - Who am I and if, how many?

There are many books on philosophy. But Richard David Precht book "Who am I?" Is different from all other entries. No one has been brought to the reader so knowledgeable and competent, yet so playful and elegant at the great philosophical questions of life. A unique path through the sheer wealth of our vast knowledge of man. Of brain research on the psychology of philosophy Precht brings us to the very latest stand like a puzzle is the composition of the amazing picture that the sciences are characterized today by the people. An exciting journey of discovery to ourselves: Clever, humorous and entertaining!
• An equally competent as a playful approach to the great philosophical questions
• A book that makes you want at the thought!

Hans Christian Andersen - Greece and the Orient

The world famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, this book shows that he was also a gifted and sensitive travel reporter, 1841, the Danish author went to Greece and saw before him the country of the mind. From there we went to the Orient, the home of the fairy tale. Overwhelmed, he stood before the immense Constantinople, Stamboul of the Turks. Andersen writes enthusiastically, unbiased, humorous and romantic. He was right when he stated on the journey home: Still no book has given a true picture of Greece, and from what I've seen from the Orient. Here it is! Together with 50 engravings from the 19th Century and the rousing portrayals Andersen.

Alex Jung - Meligala

The death of his brother Theo forces Maroulis, after two decades to return from his adopted country Australia, back to Greece. He was expected but more than he had feared, because his father died shortly before his arrival. At the funeral, Theo meets his former fiancee Tassia. It should be a unique encounter, for his old flame is married and may not meet with him, although both realize that their love has stood the test of time. However, as Tassia makes an incredible discovery in her family, the pace of events. The search for the truth leads her into the darkest days of the Greek post-war history. Theo is the past and Tassia again bring together two or destroy? They have no other choice than to engage in a risky game.

Barbara Stoelte - Living in Greece

Once again, Barbara & René Stoeltie take us on a journey to the most beautiful country houses in the world-this time to the mythical Greece. Join the Stoeltie `s in island-hopping and discover the best hidden treasures of Greece, like the one on top of a hill situated on Hydra House by Robert Browning, the descendants of the English poet, or a stunning Turkish-Greek palace from the 18th century , former residence of a Turkish governor, located on the Argo-Saronic Islands, now inhabited by a farming family. Also discover the cozy and romantic home of ex-pilot of Onassis, Touloumtzoglu Basile and his wife. The magic of Greece's charm exudes from this book.

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